Kingdom of Love

Joker of Love

 The Joker of Love is the ultimate in versatility and a building block of design. With its whimsical design elements and composition attributes shared by the Design of Love collection, the Joker of Love fits perfect into any application you choose to create. The expansion possibilities are limitless with the Joker’s ability to secure one to another to build it has high and as wide as you can dream. Perfect for a wall unit, a display, a room divider, a showcase and more…it’s up you to create. Six different color options make it possible to mix and match cubes to achieve any combination of available colors. Made in Italy from a rotational mold, the cube is a durable piece of furniture made entirely of recyclable linear polyethylene, is UV coated to resist fading and is scratch resistant. The Joker of Love is a versatile piece and is comfortable indoors and outdoors.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Love

Enter the Kingdom of Love and prepare to meet the Queen and all her striking family members. Indulge in her rainbow of colours and luxurious design.

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